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4 Ways To Optimize Your Facebook Profile

Today I Want To Share With You 4 FB Tips On How To Optimize Your Facebook Account… so let’s dive in!

1) Post A Compelling Profile Picture –

Get a close up picture so people can see you are genuine and not a marketer hiding behind a computer screen… if people can see your eyes and a genuine smile then it’s a winner.

2) Have a cover photo that reflects your lifestyle –

If you show people you are at least building a life you love either through travelling or spending quality time with family, then this will really draw them to your profile because it is a reflection of that they want.

3) Watch what you post on FB –

If you are posting a ton of negativity then good luck with closing people in on your biz… on the contrary, make sure you post FB posts which help people with their business, keep them motivated to do business through inspirational posts and also post personal pictures of what’s happening in your life as it will get people to know, like and trust you (transparency is key) ????

4) Who are the people mainly engaged in your profile and how are they engaging? –

Last but not least, look at who is engaging in your FB posts and how they are engaging… you want to remove anyone negative from your circle and who seems to do a good job at dragging people down in business. Your aim is to build a Facebook community of positive people who want to grow with you. Accepting anyone to join your business is bad money…!!! ????

Implement the above 4 tips and you will start to see more people visiting your Facebook profile and more FB requests (aka as leads) hands down!

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